Completed Project: Joinery Workshop

Our in-house Joinery Workshop recently completed a project in East Wick & Sweetwater for Spot This Space.

This fast track supply and fit project involved a lot of elements including:

- Tiered seating/stage: A seating area that can be moved to become a stage with extra units on casters to create a larger area if needed. The unit also incorporates storage for seating.
- Bar: A carcass clad in patternated brass with sprayed front brass grill and integrated LED lighting.
- Seating: The creation of a 6m long curved seating unit made from 10 individual pieces and fully upholstered.
- Pallets: Multiple pallets were sprayed in various gorgeous colours to provide interesting decorative features.
- Model/media plinths: These circular units were clad in patternated brass with sprayed front brass grills and have integrated models and TV's.

Below are photos showing the work in progress in our Joinery Workshop including some templates been laid out in our car park because they were so big.